Profs Present: Web-Accessible Population Pharmacokinetic Service-Hemophilia ( modeling on a global scale to dose optimize clotting factor prophylaxis in hemophilia patients

Wednesday, January 25, 2023 12:10 pm - 1:00 pm EST (GMT -05:00)
Andrea Edginton


The Web-Accessible Population Pharmacokinetic Service – Hemophilia (WAPPS-Hemo) is a clinical decision support tool aimed at using pharmacokinetics of prophylactic clotting factor replacement therapy as a means for individualized dose optimization.  With 700+ hemophilia treatment centers in over 50 countries using this free service to care for 11,000 hemophilia A and B patients, the collected real-world data is used to enhance incorporated population pharmacokinetic models for these biologics with the aim to continually advance patient care. This talk will outline how pharmacokinetic-tailored dosing is achieved on a global scale to guide clinical decision making in hemophilia.


Professor Andrea Edginton

Dr. Andrea Edginton is a Professor and the Hallman Director of the School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo, Canada. She has 120+ peer-reviewed publications in pharmacokinetics and modeling and simulation. Her academic research focuses on the development and application of physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models and simulation techniques in the areas of pharmaceuticals and human health risk assessment. Her research examines how the physiology of sub-populations (e.g. children, patients with disease) affect the PK of drugs through integration with PBPK models for the optimization of drug therapy. Dr. Edginton heads the modeling component of the Web-Accessible Population Pharmacokinetics Service – Hemophilia ( project that uses population pharmacokinetic modeling and Bayesian forecasting for tailoring treatment prophylaxis in persons with hemophilia. This free service is used by over 700 hemophilia treatment centres in over 50 countries. As a result of her research in hemophilia, she sits on the International Prophylaxis Study Group (IPSG) PK Expert Working Group and won the 2022 Roger Jelliffe Individualized Therapy Award, given annually by the American Association of Clinical Pharmacology (ACCP) to recognize an individual who significantly advances the field of personalized medicine by improving the use of drugs or biologics in patients.