Further Education One-On-One Support

Further Education Support

If you are applying to a graduate or professional program such as medical school, law school, Optometry, etc., and looking for in-depth one-on-one support, we offer booked appointments with a Further Education Advisor. In appointments, we can support you by:

  • Talking about your concerns about your further education path
  • Helping you with your decision-making about your further education plans
  • Discussing how to become competitive for a specific program (e.g., grades, or admission tests)
  • Working with you on your application documents (e.g., personal statements or CVs)
  • Supporting your interview preparation for professional programs

Requesting Further Education Support

To request more support with further education, please fill out the form linked below. The form will ask you questions about what kind of support you need, which program(s) you’re thinking about, and booking logistics (availability and preferences).

By filling out this form, you are requesting advising support from our further education team. We will do our best to meet your needs based on the information you provide. Please note that we cannot guarantee a one-on-one booking by filling out this form, especially on a short timeline (under two weeks). 

You can expect to hear back from us in 1-5 business days to the email you provide below. Here are some examples of what you might get back: 

  • an email with online resources for you to check out 
  • information about other campus services 
  • a notification of a booked drop-in 
  • a notification of a booked appointment

If this form is not accessible to you for any reason, please email fe-appointments@uwaterloo.ca