GS 901: Preparing for University Teaching

About this course

In GS 901, participants begin building reflection skills, theoretical knowledge, and applications to try out in their teaching. Participants attend workshops about teaching and learning in higher education and write reflective, application-based response papers.

Course requirements are to be completed within three consecutive terms, though you are encouraged to complete these in one term along with your CUT cohort. You must:

  • Attend four required CUT workshops on teaching and learning:
  • Understanding the Learner (CTE4068)
  • Interactive Teaching Activities (CTE4165)
  • Assessing Student Learning (CTE4020)
  • Course Design (CTE4073)
  • Write four workshop response papers (one for each of the above CUT workshops), that are evaluated and accepted by Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) staff

The objectives of the workshop attendance are to have you experience, discuss, interpret, and reflect on workshop materials and activities that stem from higher education research literature.

T​he objectives of the workshop response papers are to have you reflect on the workshop material, and describe how to apply the material to your own teaching.

Offered to: PhD students

Cost: No cost

Time requirement: One term