GS 903: Teaching Practicum

About this course

In GS 903, participants practice and receive feedback on their individual teaching skills and become more self-aware and critically reflective. Participants will:

  • have their teaching observed at least two times
  • receive feedback from a trained observer
  • write a reflective response paper on the feedback received for each observation

Course requirements (must be completed within three consecutive terms):

  • Complete and have accepted a minimum of two observation cycles
  • Complete and have accepted two response papers (one per each teaching observation)

The outcomes of the teaching observations and response reports are to have participants:

  • Teach at least two times so they have an opportunity to test changes in their techniques
  • Receive feedback identifying and situating their strengths and their targets for change
  • Reflect on their teaching

Offered to: PhD students

Cost: No cost

Time requirement: Three terms