Planning and Organizing Work

About this course

As a supervisor you are expected to plan and organize the work – not just your own but also for your colleagues or employees. Exactly how are you expected to accomplish this?

Upon completing this course you will be better able to answer the following questions:

  • How can I organize work effectively for my team?
  • What are the key planning skills required of an effective supervisor?
  • How do I set work priorities?
  • How do I adjust work priorities when change occurs?
  • What are potential pitfalls when communicating expectations to a team?
  • How can I balance keeping in touch with team members without interfering with productivity?

This course will help you improve results by aligning team members' tasks with organizational and team goals. You will leave with practical tools that will instill self-confidence as you work with your team.

Offered to: Public

Cost: 575 + tax

Time requirement: One day