Grimm Lecture

postage stamp featuring the Brothers GrimmKnown primarily today for their fairy tales, the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were university scholars active in the early 19th century, famous for their work in philology and lexicography. They also exhibited a rebellious political streak, refusing to sign a pledge of allegiance to the King of Hannover and losing their university positions as a result. The Waterloo Centre for German Studies has named its annual flagship lecture in honour of these two scholars who did so much to further academic inquiry in a variety of disciplines which today make up much of the German studies repertoire.

Previous Lectures

2017 - Timothy Snyder - The Holocaust as History and Warning

2016 - James Retallack - Democracy in Disappearing Ink: The Politics of Exclusion in Germany before Hitler

2015 - Alice Kuzniar - The Birth of Homeopathy out of the Spirit of 1800: Medicine as Cultural History

2014 - Dennis Mahoney - Recreating Nature: German Romantic Landscapes as Cultural Ecology

2013 - Eric Rentschler - The Lives of Others: The History of Heritage and the Rhetoric of Consensus