WCGS Travel Awards

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Stork Awards in German Studies 

The Waterloo Centre for German Studies is once again offering the Stork Award to full-time graduate and undergraduate students who will be participating in a recognized institutional Canadian-organized German language or cultural studies program abroad. The travel awards, valued between $500 and $1500, are available to students in all disciplines. Deadline for applications is March 1. Please visit our webpage for more information

Marga I. Weigel German Study Abroad Award 

Up to five awards, valued at $1000 each, are available for full-time University of Waterloo undergraduate students in any program who are participating in the Waterloo Summer Language School in Germany or equivalent. Deadline for applications is March 1. Please visit our webpage for more information  

Cecilia and the Late George Piller Award

The Cecilia and the Late George Piller Award is given each year to two full-time graduate students at the University of Waterloo in the Faculty of Arts who conduct research related to German language, culture, history, and/or society. Each award is valued at $4,000.  

Application Procedures 

  • Eligible students can apply by submitting a CV and a one-page research project proposal (single-spaced, references can be on a separate sheet). Applicants must also arrange for a letter of support from a UW faculty member. 
  • In order to be considered, the above documents should be submitted to WCGS via the online form. The support letter should be sent by the UW faculty member directly to wcgs@uwaterloo.ca.
  • The submissions will be adjudicated based on the merit of the proposal, its contribution to the goals of the Centre, and the student’s record of graduate study and research. 
  • Deadline for applications is March 1.


If you have any questions, please contact wcgs@uwaterloo.ca.