Jonathan Baugh developing new materials for future quantum devices

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Dr. Jonathan Baugh, a professor in the Department of Chemistry and at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC), and E. Annelise Bergeron, a doctoral student from the Department of Physics and Astronomy, are one step closer to developing the materials needed for future quantum devices.

They, along with others on their team, have found a method for growing crystalline structures using the semiconductor indium antimonide, which has been engineered with specific purposes in mind. This is an exciting first step towards building designer quantum devices.

Now that the team has successfully overcome the hurdles for growing and characterizing these 2D electron gases in indium antimonide, they are excited to use this platform as a starting point for future work.

We’re hoping that our research is setting the stage for a really unique new platform on which to build more interesting quantum devices and probe whether we can detect Majorana fermions,” said Baugh. “We’re at the dawn of working with this new material to see where we can take it.

Please visit the Institute for Quantum Computing’s website to read the full article, "Designing new materials as platforms for robust quantum devices.”