Associate Professor

Eric ProuzetEric Prouzet carries out research in material chemistry and nanotechnology. His research is focused on the synthesis of nanostructured materials such as porous materials and nano-objects. His main domain of research is using soft matter such as micelles, liquid crystals and biogels, as adaptive soft templates or molds. He has great expertise in particle and porosity size analysis, and created the Waterloo Structure Analytical Platform (WatSAP) that offers up-to-date equipment for these analyses. His research has applications in a range of areas including membrane processes, catalysis, photovoltaic or magnetic devices.

Eric is also highly committed to innovation, including teaching, scientific consulting for two startups, and co-founder of two companies, one in biotechnologies (industrial production of microalgae), and one in IT (document search engine).

Contact information
Office: QNC 4614
Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 38172
Website: Eric Prouzet

University of Waterloo