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John Honek


John HonekBiochemistry

Room: ESC 246

Chair's office extension: 34763

Research office extension: 35817


Website: John Honek


Our interest is to understand the fundamental interactions of small molecules (such as substrates and drugs) with enzymes as well as the mechanisms by which enzymes catalyze reactions. Research in this area includes mechanistic enzymology, recombinant DNA and biophysical methods as well as organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry and molecular modeling. An additional focus is in the area of bionanotechnology and the application of biological chemistry to the synthesis of new nanomaterials and nanostructures.

Recent publications

  • C. L. Myers, E. G. Kuiper, P. C. Grant, J. Hernandez, G. L. Conn, and J. F. Honek, 2015, Functional Roles in S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine Binding and Catalysis for Active Site Residues of the Thiostrepton Resistance Methyltransferase. FEBS Letters, 589, 3263-3270.

  • J. F. Honek, 2015, Biological Chemistry of the Carbon-Sulfur Bond. Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 93, 1051-1060.

  • U. Suttisansanee, Y. Ran, K. Y. Mullings, N. Sukdeo, and J. F. Honek, 2015, Modulating Glyoxalase I Metal Selectivity by Deletional Mutagenesis: Underlying Structural Factors Contributing to Nickel Activation Profiles. Metallomics, 7, 605-612.

  • R. Bythell-Douglas, U. Suttisansanee, G. R. Flematti, M. Challenor, M. Lee, S. Panjikar, J. F. Honek and C. S. Bond, 2015, The Crystal Structure of a Homodimeric Pseudomonas Glyoxalase I Enzyme Reveals Asymmetric Metallation Commensurate with Half-of-Sites Activity. Chemistry - A European Journal, 21, 541-544.

  • C. L. Myers, J. Harris,  J. C. K. Yeung, and J. F. Honek, 2014, Molecular Interactions Between Thiostrepton and the TipAS Protein from Streptomyces lividansChemBioChem, 15, 681-687.

University of Waterloo

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