CHEM 494 interim report

All students are required to submit a brief report on their projects at the end of their 494A term. The report will be graded by the student's supervisor and will count for 15 percent of the overall CHEM 494 final grade. Thus, the marking scheme is:

  • Interim report: 15 percent
  • A-term effort: 20 percent
  • B-term effort: 20 percent
  • Seminar: 15 percent
  • Final report: 30 percent - two markers, 15 marks each

Interim report

The report should provide an introduction to your research project, complete with a bibliography of relevant material. Although the bibliography will be less extensive than what you will have in your final report, you should have done enough background reading to have a good grasp of your research project.

There is no requirement in January to have final results.

The format for the report should be a research proposal, where you outline the nature of your research project, the background to it from the literature, the techniques you will use for your research, and the results you hope to obtain. The detailed format is between you and your supervisor, but would suggest the report be a maximum of 10 pages total, including a brief summary (200 words), references, and figures. Text should be double-spaced and 12-point font type.

You must submit the report on LEARN as a PDF document by the due date. A paper copy is no longer required.