This page contains recent syllabuses and course notes for selected undergraduate Combinatorics and Optimization (CO) courses. These are here to give students a general idea about the course material and the course requirements. Specific requirements will change from term to term.

200 level courses


Code Name Sample syllabus
CO 227 Introduction to Optimization (Non-Specialist Level) Winter 2021 (PDF)
CO 250 Introduction to Optimization

Spring 2020 CEL (PDF)

Fall 2020 (PDF)

CO 255 Introduction to Optimization (Advanced Level) Fall 2020

CO 250 can be substituted for CO 255 in both the Combinatorics and Optimization and Math Opt requirements. Moreover, CO 255 allows students to take many of the 400 level courses without additional prerequisite. CO 255 is set at a faster pace than CO 250, is more theoretical and requires a higher level of mathematical maturity. Students with low grades are discouraged to enroll in CO 255.

300 level courses

Code Name Sample syllabus
CO 327 Deterministic OR Models (Non-Specialist Level) Winter 2021 (PDF)
CO 330 Combinatorial Enumeration Fall 2020 (PDF)
CO 331 Coding Theory Winter 2023 (PDF)
CO 342 Introduction to Graph Theory Fall 2020 (PDF)
CO 351 Network Flow Theory Fall 2020 (PDF)
CO 353 Computational Discrete Optimization Winter 2021 (PDF)
CO 367 Nonlinear Optimization Fall 2020 (PDF)
CO 370 Deterministic OR Models Winter 2021 (PDF)
CO 372 Portfolio Optimization Models Winter 2021 (PDF)
CO 380 Mathematical Discovery and Invention Spring 2020 (PDF)

400 level courses

The courses marked with an asterisk (*) are courses that are held in conjunction with graduate courses. The course material will be set at a pace that is appropriate for a graduate course, hence at a much higher level than other undergraduate courses. However, the undergraduate students will be evaluated separately from the graduate students (i.e. will have different exams and different assignments). Students that are interested in applying to graduate school may want to consider taking some of these courses.

Code Name Sample syllabus
CO 430* Algebraic Enumeration Winter 2021 (PDF)
CO 434* Combinatorial Designs Winter 2020 (PDF)
CO 439 Topics in Combinatorics N/A
CO 440 Topics in Graph Theory N/A
CO 442* Graph Theory Fall 2020 (PDF)
CO 444* Algebraic Graph Theory Winter 2021 (PDF)
CO 446* Matroid Theory Spring 2019
CO 450* Combinatorial Optimization Fall 2020 (PDF)
CO 452* Integer Programming Winter 2021 (PDF)
CO 454 Scheduling Spring 2011 (PDF)
CO 456 Introduction to Game Theory Fall 2020 (PDF)
CO 459 Topics in Optimization N/A
CO 463* Convex Optimization and Analysis Winter 2021 (PDF)
CO 466* Continuous Optimization Fall 2020 (PDF)
CO 471* Semidefinite Optimization Spring 2020 (PDF)
CO 480 History of Mathematics Spring 2019 (PDF)
CO 481 Introduction to Quantum Information Processing Winter 2021
CO 485* The Mathematics of Public-Key Cryptography Fall 2020 (PDF)
CO 487 Applied Cryptography Winter 2021 (PDF)
CO 499 Reading in Combinatorics and Optimization N/A