Digital Arts Communication

DAC 302 video created by Cassandra Merilhan, Stephanie Reimer, Olivia Cullen, Zixiao Li. [Fall 2019]

Digital Arts Communication is an eight-course Minor available to all Arts Majors.

Professionals in almost every field need to reach more people, using richer media, in more interactive ways. In the Digital Arts Communication Minor, students learn how to design with digital images, text, sound, and video. And most importantly, they learn to design, develop, and test media for both public and private sector organizations, ranging from the high-tech sector, to corporate communications, to the creative industries.

Digital Arts Communication courses provide students with a hands on, experiential learning environment. In each course, students engage in design and production, contributing to a portfolio which they can show to Co-op, future employers, or graduate schools.

Produced by Evan Chan, Jacqueline Chan, Rachel Chong, Chenxing Liu

Produced by Anthony Beiler, Janina Bielak, Chase Denomme, Melanie Petersen