Speech Communication Student Krista Duncan: Arts Co-op Student of the Year!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Krista Duncan StudentSpeech Communication Student Krista Duncan: Arts Co-op Student of the Year

Every year, six exceptional co-op students, one from each faculty, are recognized by the University of Waterloo for their contribution to their employer, their community and the further development of experiential education.

“Across every discipline and level of experience you can find a student who has created a meaningful impact in their workplace,” said Ross Johnston, Executive Director of Co-operative Education at Waterloo. “The growing number of employers from all over the world who hire Waterloo students demonstrates the reaches of our reputation for excellence.”

Congratulatons to the Faculty of Arts Co-op Student of the year! Our very own Krista Duncan!

Speech Communication major Krista Duncan served as a People Operations Intern at Wealthsimple, where she assisted with employee development plans and compensation strategies. Halfway through her term, Duncan was tasked with taking over the role of Technical Recruiter, where she assisted with new recruitment processes and helped to hire the company’s largest group of engineering co-op students to date.