Mina Momeni

Assistant Professor

519-888-4567 x41531
Location: ML 254C

Mina Momeni holds a PhD in Communication and Culture from the joint program at Toronto Metropolitan University and York University, and she received her MFA in Documentary Media from Toronto Metropolitan University.

Her studies focus on comprehending individuals’ connection with digital media technologies and exploring people’s interaction with different digital platforms and smart applications. Momeni explores how these technologies provide possibilities and empower users to perform an act, while they can also limit or disable users’ actions in different contexts. She examines how individuals restructure various technologies by using their affordances unconventionally. Momeni’s research interest and teaching expertise lie in the intersections of media studies, digital arts communication, human-computer interaction, multimedia storytelling, visual culture, digital media affordances, and smart technologies. As an interdisciplinary artist, Momeni’s artwork such as photographs, videos, multimedia, and installation art explore the relationship between people, ancient cultures, symbology, monuments, and memories. She has shown her work in galleries across Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

Momeni is currently working on two primary projects. First, a book manuscript that examines the actual capabilities of Twitter bots and their involvement in the “building the wall” discourse in the United States in 2019. Second, a research creation project that focuses on the visual presentation of public health information related to COVID-19 on Instagram.

Fellowships & Awards

Rogers Fellowship (2016-2021)

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2019)

Graduate Development Award, (2017-2018)

TMU Graduate Fellowship (2017)

GDA Travel and Prize Award (2016)

TMU Graduate Award (2011-2012)