Conversations on Complex Systems with Dr. Bill Sutherland

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm EDT (GMT -04:00)

Complex Systems students, staff, faculty and friends are invited to this open-format seminar with Dr. Bill Sutherland. Bring your lunch and your ideas, and see where the conversations take you.

Monday June 3 & Monday, July 8

STC 1019 from 12-1:30

"Common ground, public space, a commonwealth: The Agora of ancient times – A gathering and holding for diversity of disagreement, dilemma, dialogue, discussion, dramaturgy, and dialectics.

No credit will be given (and none taken). No marks; no citations; no diploma, degree, or decree – instead we will look inward towards our intrinsic validators of insight, introspection, and inspiration as an embodied compass to direct us on a journey of shared discovery.

Through models of mentorship and facilitation we are looking to launch a longitudinal and emergent conversation over time utilizing the framework of systems and complexity thinking as we work to create a common language and shared experience of community; the purpose of which is the very process itself.

Intrigued? Then show up simply, without purpose or promise, but with a rim full to the brim with curiosity and intrigue. Nothing more is asked, although certainly there is much more to be given!"

Dr. William Sutherland
Dr. William Sutherland is the innovator of the Complexity Medicine Concept and the Founder and Director of the Institute for Complexity & Connection Medicine. He is an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at McMaster University and an External Research Affiliate at WICI. Dr. Sutherland’s clinical practice includes diverse clinical settings (psychotherapy, functional medicine and emergency department care), in each of which he works to embody and impart the feeling central to a practice of Complexity Medicine.