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Preparing for absence 

Prior to the first class, you should devise a plan with your unit head (Chair/Director) about how to proceed with class instruction in the event you become unavailable. Should you become ill or unable to teach in-person, report the absence to your unit head so that the contingency plan can be implemented.

Course outline requirements 

  • Every course outline for an in-person class should be designed with a plan that considers alternate arrangements for:  
    • a short-term (e.g., one-week) cancellation of in-person classes, whether for the particular course or University-wide; 
    • a longer-term cancellation of in-person meetings, whether for the particular course or University-wide; 
    • cancellation of in-person (midterm or final) examinations. 
  • You should include as much detail as possible in your plan to make students aware of possible scenarios. Where there are program, department, or faculty-wide contingency plans in place, you should ensure that your course plans are consistent with them.
  • Outlines should also describe accommodation that will be available for students who cannot attend classes due to self-isolation. 

Student COVID-19 cases

  • Students should be instructed not to come to class or other in-person activities if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or are required to self-isolate.

  • In the event of absence due to influenza-like illness or required self-isolation, students shall submit an Illness Self-declaration. Students can find the Illness Self-declaration form in the Personal Information section of Quest. A doctor’s note for accommodation is not required. Direct students to contact the COVID-19 Support and Advice line to report their illness.

  • To see which students have completed an Illness Self-declaration for your class, follow the Quest instructions.

  • COVID-19 absences of multiple students in a cluster or outbreak should be reported to the appropriate Chair or Head as directed by your Faculty (beginning of term memos from your Associate Dean will articulate details) The authority to move a course online or make any other alterations rests with the Dean or delegate. They may consult with Health Services' COVID-19 Support and Advice resources, the Safety Office and faculty stakeholders before making a decision to move a course online or implement any other mitigating action within a class or cohort of students. Review the student protocols.

Classroom supplies and technology

  • Podium fobs: In recognition of the current situation, podium fobs will not be required to use the instructional technology in Registrar e-classrooms for spring term. We ask that you please remember to shut down the system from the touch screen when you have finished using the instructional technology.
  • Podiums: You may sanitize touch surfaces on the podium prior to using them. Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer are available in all Registrar's Office-managed classrooms. Note: Disinfecting wipes cannot be used to clean electronic equipment such as touch screens or monitors, as they will damage the equipment.
  • Microphones: If you are teaching in a Registrar's e-classroom, you will no longer need to borrow a microphone, as each room will be equipped with microphones. You will be provided with individual windscreens to minimize the risk related to handling and speaking with a microphone. Windscreens can be picked up from the Dana Porter or the Davis Center IST Service Desk.
  • If you were given a microphone to use in fall 2021, we would like to remind you to return the microphone. You may return the microphone to either IST Service Desk listed above. Note: When returning the microphone, keep the windscreen for future use or disposal; the windscreens should NOT be returned.
  • Operating equipment: For questions about network connections and operating classroom equipment, contact ITMS support ( For use of specific software, contact your faculty IT or
  • We highly recommend booking an appointment with e-classroom staff to test using your device in the classroom in advance of term. If you previously indicated you will use lecture capture, it is vital that you test your planned setup. Contact to book an appointment. Note: You may need to book access to the room.

Frequently asked questions

For instructors and teaching assistants (TAs) of in-person classes

These questions and responses are intended to provide guidance to instructors (who can share with TAs) on appropriate responses in the cases where there are heightened risks of COVID-19 exposure to the class.

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