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Co-op students

Quinn Worthington

Quinn Worthington

Assistant Museum Curator (Winter and Spring 2018)

Hey everyone! I am a fourth year student studying Environmental Science, specializing in Geoscience. My interest in the earth and environment stems from my curiosity about the unknown and the need to find answers!


Courtney Bagshaw

Assistant Museum Curator (Fall 2017)

I am a fourth year Geography and Environmental Management student at the University of Waterloo. I have always been fascinated by our beautiful and dynamic planet. Fossils and minerals are the earthly treasures that tell the story of our planet and I cant wait to share it with you!

Julia Lentle

Julia Lentle

Assistant Museum Curator (Spring 2017)

I am a third year University of Waterloo student in Environment and Resource Studies in the faculty of Environment, with a minor in Geography and Environmental Management. I love learning and teaching others about our environment. For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed spending as much time as possible outside exploring nature.

Alina Bielak with Butterflies

Alina Bielak

Assistant Museum Curator (Winter 2017)

I am a fourth year Honours Science student at the University of Waterloo, I have a minor in Biology and an option in Knowledge Integration. I have always had a passion for science communication and teaching. Communication is all about telling stories and I can’t wait to tell you the stories behind our amazing exhibits. I look forward to being able to share my excitement with you!

picture SK

Stephanie Kobylinski

Assistant Museum Curator (Fall 2016)

I am a third year Earth Science student specializing in Geology. My favourite thing about studying earth sciences is that you can see it literally everywhere. I’m looking forward to sharing my passion for earth sciences with others, and hopefully inspiring them to see the beauty of earth sciences.

Alisia Mar

Alisia Mar

Assistant Museum Curator (Spring 2016)
Alan Xaykongsa and cave bear

Alan Xaykongsa

Assistant Museum Curator (Winter 2016)

I am a third year geological engineering undergraduate student on my second co-op work term with the University of Waterloo.  Our wonderful Earth Sciences Museum is one of my favourite locations on campus, and I hope as Assistant Museum Curator to make it one of yours as well!

Emma Buczolits sitting on a dock

Emma Buczolits

Assistant Museum Curator (Fall 2015)

I am a third year Environmental Science undergraduate student specializing in Ecology. This is my second work term at the University of Waterloo and I am so excited to be the Fall 2015 assistant curator. I have a passion for learning and teaching science and I hope I get the chance to share that passion with you!

Jacob trembling beside the velociraptor

Jacob Onotsky

Assistant Museum Curator (Fall 2015)

I am currently in grade 12 attending Sir John A. MacDonald Secondary School and this is my first co-op position here at the Earth Sciences Museum. I have had a passion for science and the planet we live on for as long as I can remember.

Stephanie Feeney leaning beside a brick wall

Stephanie Feeney

Assistant Museum Curator (Spring 2015)

I am a third year environmental science undergraduate student with a specialization in ecology. While I love learning about all things living, I also love to learn about the earth sciences.

Stephen adventuring through the woods with his canoe

Stephen Marshall

Assistant Museum Curator (Winter 2015)

I am a first year geological engineering student and this is my very first work term at the University of Waterloo. I am thrilled to be working at the Earth Science Museum as I enjoy learning, science especially, and teaching others. The wealth of knowledge contained within these walls is amazing, and I hope to learn as much as I can as well as enhance everyone else’s learning experience.

Jack Li beside newly designed Jade display

Jack Li

Assistant Museum Curator (Winter 2015)

I am a second year Knowledge Integration student and working at the Earth Sciences Museum was my first ever Work-Study experience. I had the opportunity to tackle the challenge of re-designing the Chinese Jade Exhibit, and with the help of fellow assistants and the curator, we have completed the brand new exhibit on June 11th 2015.

William Baxter

Assistant Museum Curator (Fall 2014)

I am a high school co-op student from Grand River Collegiate in Kitchener.

Manuel and Ryan sitting on a white desk in University of Waterloo Science swag

Manuel Arab

Assistant Museum Curator (Spring 2014)

I'm Manny but some of you may know me as the Keeper of SSD's, the source of our Science power and embodiment of all that we strive for!... sort of. I'm a 4A (-ish) Geology Student that has dabbled in Geoarchaeology, and Classics with quite a bit of passion for both. I hope to do my thesis in Paleontology this year to try and tie my interests together. My time here at the museum has shown me that I have a deep appreciation for teaching others about the past and I personally feel like this is something I wish to pursue in the future.

Sean Brace in underground gold mine

Sean Brace

Assistant Museum Curator (Spring 2014)

To those who wish to know a bit more about me...I am third year Geology undergraduate student on my third work term at the Earth Sciences Museum in EIT. I am also a mining enthusiast that enjoys talking about the wonders of underground mining and production geology.

Alicia Monteith

Alicia Monteith

Assistant Museum Curator (Spring 2014)

I am a third year Planning undergraduate student. This is my second term as the work-study student here at the Earth Science Museum and I am thrilled to be back! I am very interested in earth science, natural hazards and urban adaptation. I have learned a lot working here at the museum and enjoy assisting with museum tours and activities.

Amy Hoff

Assistant Museum Curator (Winter 2014)

I help with the day to day activities of the museum and enjoy interacting with the public through outreach.


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