Circuits and systems (including computer-aided design)

circuit board

Faculty members participating in circuits and systems, including computer-aided design:

James Barby Slim Boumaiza Vincent Gaudet
Catherine Gebotys Karim Karim Andrew Kennings
Bosco Leung Peter Levine John R. Long
David Nairn Chrystopher Nehaniv Ajoy Opal
Omar Ramahi Manoj Sachdev Derek Wright
Mohammed Elmasry (adjunct) George Shaker (adjunct)

The research area of circuits and systems deals with the theory, analysis and design of interconnected devices and components. Typically the circuits and systems of interest are targeted at signal processing and communications applications. Due to the complexity of most circuits and systems, computer methods and algorithms play a key role in the simulation, synthesis, layout, verification and testing of circuits and systems.  Researchers and graduate students have access to current state-of-the-art circuit design and simulation tools. In addition, graduate students are encouraged to design, fabricate and test their circuits in commercially available integrated circuit processes.