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Current graduate students

Current Graduates

New Students

This section contains links that will be of use to students who have just begun their graduate work towards either the doctoral (PhD), research-based master of applied science (MASc), or course-based master of engineering (MEng) programs.

  • All new graduate students are encouraged to complete the
    Graduate Tutorial found on the Academic Integrity website under Quick Links.
  • International students will be interested in the International Student Office.
  • We have a guide for new MASc/PhD students and another for new MEng students that contains a summary of University of Waterloo services and also provides academic program information especially helpful for new students. This guide also provides links to other sources for graduate studies information, and a list of administrative contacts in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department.
  • The safety manual outlines safety regulations and references applicable to all faculty, staff, graduate students and others working in the ECE department. The last page of this document contains an acknowledgement form which all students must print and submit. The form has the submission details.
  • During the week just prior to the start of classes in the Fall and Spring terms only, the Faculty of Engineering offers a two-day workshop for MASc and PhD students to introduce participants to Teaching Assistant (TA) opportunities in the Faculty of Engineering. After successful completion of the two-day workshop, each participant will receive a certificate of completion. Interested students must contact the PhD Program Advisor/Coordinator to arrange to participate in the workshop.
  • If you are being paid as a Teaching or Research Assistant or Research Studentship, please ensure that you have completed the necessary paperwork for the Human Resources Office (payroll). The following 3 documents must be completed and submitted prior to the payroll cut-off date if you are a new student.
  • The Graduate Studies Newsletter is produced every term by the GSO to provide students with pertinent and up-to-date information and instructions about graduate studies, e.g., fee payments, academic deadlines, status changes, study permits/changes in immigration status, enrolment in courses, etc. All students should familiarize themselves with the information contained in this reference document.
  • The Centre for Career Action has made a presentation for students to show the services they offer.

Instructional documents and resources


Graduate Studies Office forms

Department and Faculty forms

  • Term Activity Report (Word file)

    (Due to be submitted to the ECE Grad Office (EIT 3156) by the first Friday of the second month of every term.)

  • PhD Advisory Committee Report (PDF)

    (Progress Report and Detailed Plan for Completion of PhD Program - must accompany a Petition for University Level Extension of Program Time Limit)

  • PhD Comprehensive Examination Time Limit Extension Request (PDF)

    (Required if the Comprehensive Examination will not be conducted by the end of the fourth term of a PhD Program.)

  • GRS Confirmation Letter Request Form (PDF)

    In order that you might receive the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your employment history at the University of Waterloo, please complete employment (GRA or TA) confirmation requests through Human Resources Employment; and submit the form to Human Resources.

    Please note that letters confirming Graduate Research Studentships (GRS) can still be requested and prepared through our office using the GRS Confirmation Letter Request Form (which is the form obtained by clicking on the link that's the header of this section).

    Note: Confirmation of program of study/registration, degree completion/graduation and/or other sources of funding such as scholarships and awards, must be ordered through the University Graduate Studies Office, Needles Hall Room 2072.

Examination and Passing Requirements

A minimum grade of 65% is required to pass a course and the student must maintain a minimum cumulative average of 70% marks at the end of each term, to remain in all Master’s level Programs. A minimum grade of 75% is required to pass a course and the student must maintain a minimum cumulative average of 78% marks at the end of each term, to remain in all Doctoral level Programs. Graduate courses will normally include a supervised examination, worth at least 50% of the final grade.

Keys and office space

Office space in ECE is not guaranteed, but a desk will be provided, when and if available, to full-time on-campus active MASc and PhD students, and a common study room will be assigned to students in the MEng program.

The information provided in the ECE handout, Key and Resource Request (PDF), provides new and current graduate students with details and eligibility requirements for obtaining office space and accessing supervisor labs. In addition, the handout provides contact information and instructions for students who are leaving the University and are required to vacate their offices and return office keys.