Switching Streams

Under certain conditions, it is possible to switch from one stream to another. Stream switches are relatively rare and should not be considered to be automatically approved.

The most common switch may occur if there are two streams in one program in the same year. For example, a Stream 8 student could switch to a Stream 4S program if he or she was attempting to arrange an 8-month work term.

It is also possible to voluntarily switch to a cohort that graduates after the student's original graduation date. For example, a student from a cohort graduating in 2010 could switch to a cohort graduating in 2011. This will only cause serious problems if a student began under the old program but is switching to a stream of the Class of 2014+. Reasons for such a switch may include:

  • Taking an extra term to complete a minor, or
  • Having arranged a 12- or 16- month Co-op Work Term.
  • Taking one, two, or three Calendar Terms (but no more) off school after a Co-op Work Term.

Depending on the number of Streams in your Class or the next Class, it may be possible to either advance your next Academic Term by four months or delay it by up to 16 months but still graduate only one year later. To determine exactly which switches are possible, check the Cohort Progression Chart for more details.

A student is not allowed, under any circumstances, to switch to a cohort that graduates before the student's expected graduation date. For example, a student who starts in 2010 is expected to graduate in 2015 and may not switch to any stream graduating before 2015. A student who starts in 2010 but fails a term will then join a stream that graduates in 2016. Such a student may not switch to any stream graduating before 2016.


To switch streams, fill in a Sequence Change Form indicating your new requested sequence and make an appointment with your Academic Advisor. This request must be approved by both the ECE Department and Co-operative Education. In general, you will be notified if a Sequence Change Form is rejected. To verify that a Sequence Change has been approved, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor/Co-ordinator two weeks after having submitted it.

The main objection that Co-operative Education may have is that you may be taking more than six work terms. This takes work terms away from students who may need them, and therefore, it is recommended that, with any change of sequence request, you only have six work terms marked W1 through W6. In some circumstances, if jobs are plentiful, Co-operative Education may allow a seventh Co-op Work Term, W7.