A full course load is defined as taking the required number of courses in an academic term. New to the 2018-2019 undergraduate calendar is an option for taking a reduced load. The Rule 1 in the Undergraduate Calendar states you are allowed to reduce your load by one elective course.  In order to be eligible, you either need to have an extra course completed with a grade greater than 60, or, complete a future course with a grade above 60 (Rule 6).  Please review the calendar link below for more detailed information.


Be advised, you must have advisor approval before dropping a course.

Some observations:

  • Work-term reports and the ECE 100A/B, ..., 400A/B Electrical and Computer Engineering Practice courses do not count towards the required number of courses.
  • Be aware that this may impact graduating on the Deans Honours List. Taking a reduced load term will exclude you from being ranked, and eliminate you from being on the TDHL. (See note 5) http://ugradcalendar.uwaterloo.ca/page/ENG-Deans-Honours-List

Table 1 lists the number of required elective course required to satisfy the full course load requirement.

Table 1. Electrical and computer engineering.

Electives Comments
1A 0  
1B 0  
2A 0  
2B 1 Usually a CSE/NSE.
3A 1 Usually a CSE/NSE.
3B 1 Usually a CSE/NSE, perhaps a TE.
4A 4 Usually two TEs and two CSE/NSEs.
With ECE 498A, this makes five courses.
4B 4 Usually three TEs and one CSE/NSE.
With ECE 498B, this makes five courses.
Sum 11 2 NSEs + 4 CSEs + 5 TEs