Fall 2023 Courses

Fall 2023 Graduate Courses Offered

The University of Waterloo schedule of classes shows the days, times, room numbers and professors who are teaching courses in each term.  The table below shows available courses and links to tentative descriptions to course content where it has been provided by the professor.

Note: Fall 2023 courses will be held in person only, accept for Online Power MEng courses.

Course Number Title Instructor

ECE 601

Yu, Alfred 

ECE 603

Damen, Oussama

ECE 604

Zhuang, Weihua

ECE 606

Tripunitara, Mahesh

ECE 607 Yu, Alfred 

ECE 627

Register-transfer-level Digital Systems

Kapre, Nachiket

ECE 630

Physics & Models Semiconductor Devices

Reimer, Michael

ECE 633

Yoon, Youngki

ECE 635

Fabrication in the Nanoscale : Principles, Technology, & Applications

Cui, Bo 

ECE 636 Levine, Peter

ECE 637

Sachdev, Manoj

ECE 650

Methods & Tools for Software Engineering

Ganesh, Vijay/Li Chunxiao

ECE 653

Software Testing,/Quality Assurance and Maintenance

Gurfinkel, Arie

ECE 655 Protocols, Software & Issues in Mobility Systems Ho, Pin-Han

ECE 660

Kazerani, Mehrdad

ECE 662

El Shatshat, Ramadan

ECE 671

Boumaiza, Slim

ECE 675 Ramahi, Omar
ECE 682 Nielsen, Christopher
ECE 699 Master of Engineering Project Heunis, Andrew
ECE 710 Ho, Pin-Han
ECE 722 Reconfigurable Computing Kapre, Nachiket
ECE 730    Kim, Na Young
ECE 750  Tahvildari, Ladan
ECE 6604PD El Shatshat, Ramadan
ECE 6613PD Canizares, Claudio

* For Online Power MEng students only