Catherine Rosenberg, FIEEE, FCAE

Professor, Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in the Future Internet

Contact information


Phone: 519-888-4510 or x84510

Location: EIT 4008

Fax: 519-746-3077


  • Diplome d'Ingénieur, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne, Brest, France
  • MSc, Computer Science, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Doctorat en Sciences, Université de Paris XI Orsay, France

Research interests

  • Wireless Networks:  5G, IoT, heterogeneous cellular networks, MAC protocols, sensors and mesh networks, resource management, mobility and power management, WLANS, interference management, systems.
  • Multimedia:  CDN, peer-to-peer, location-based services, real-time streaming.
  • Traffic Engineering:  Quality of Service, game theory and pricing, network optimization, scheduling, incentives.
  • Energy Systems: Smart grids, electrical vehicles, energy storage, state estimation and theft detection.

Further information

Please see Professor Rosenberg's own web page for more information.

University of Waterloo

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