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Contact InformationMichael Reimer

Phone: 519-888-4567 x31574
Location: RAC 1113


Biography Summary

Michael Reimer joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2015 as an Associate Professor. He has a joint appointment with the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC).

After receiving his BSc in Physics at the University of Waterloo, Michael spent two years in industry at JDS Uniphase as an R&D Engineer. He then went on to earn his MSc in Engineering Physics at the Technical University of Munich in Germany. In 2010 he obtained his PhD in Physics at the University of Ottawa/National Research Council of Canada.

From 2009 to 2014, Michael was a postdoctoral researcher at Technical University of Delft in the quantum optics lab of Professor Val Zwiller where he developed solid-state quantum devices. During that time, Michael made a huge impact in the development of single photon and entangled photon sources based on shaped nanowire heterostructures, as well as nanowire-based single electron devices and efficient nanowire avalanche photodiodes. In 2013, Michael was also an integral part of a recent start-up company, Single Quantum, developing highly efficient single-photon detectors based on superconducting nanowires.

At the University of Waterloo, Michael is working towards the realization of a quantum repeater, the realization of an efficient interface between stationary and flying quantum bits, performing quantum optics and algorithms on a semiconductor chip, and developing a ‘plug and play’, tunable quantum light source.

Research Interests

  • Semiconductor nanowire quantum light sources
  • Hybrid nanowire quantum state converter
  • Quantum memories
  • Integrated quantum photonic circuits
  • Highly efficient quantum detectors


  • 2010, Doctorate, Physics, University of Ottawa
  • 2004, Master of Science, Engineering Physics, Technical University of Munich
  • 2000, Bachelor of Science (BSc), Physics, University of Waterloo


  • ECE 405 - Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
    • Taught in 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023
  • ECE 630 - Physics and Models of Semiconductor Devices
    • Taught in 2022
  • ECE 730 - Special Topics in Solid State Devices
    • Taught in 2021
  • QIC 890 - Topics in Quantum Information
    • Taught in 2021
* Only courses taught in the past 5 years are displayed.

Selected/Recent Publications

  • Lagoudakis, Konstantinos G and McMahon, Peter L and Fischer, Kevin A and Puri, Shruti and Müller, Kai and Dalacu, Dan and Poole, Philip J and Reimer, Michael E and Zwiller, Val and Yamamoto, Yoshihisa and others, Initialization of a spin qubit in a site-controlled nanowire quantum dot, New Journal of Physics, 18(5), 2016
  • Cavalli, Alessandro and Wang, Jia and Esmaeil Zadeh, Iman and Reimer, Michael E and Verheijen, Marcel A and Soini, Martin and Plissard, Sebastien R and Zwiller, Val and Haverkort, Jos EM and Bakkers, Erik PAM, High-Yield Growth and Characterization of< 100> InP p--n Diode Nanowires, Nano letters, 16(5), 2016, 3071 - 3077
  • Reimer, Michael E and Bulgarini, Gabriele and Fognini, A and Heeres, RW and Witek, BJ and Versteegh, MAM and Rubino, A and Braun, T and Kamp, M and Höfling, Sven and others, Overcoming power broadening of the quantum dot emission in a pure wurtzite nanowire, Physical Review B, 93(19), 2016
  • Zadeh, Iman Esmaeil and Elshaari, Ali W and Jöns, Klaus D and Fognini, Andreas and Dalacu, Dan and Poole, Philip J and Reimer, Michael E and Zwiller, Val, Deterministic integration of single photon sources in silicon based photonic circuits, Nano letters, 16(4), 2016, 2289 - 2294
  • Chen, Yan and Zadeh, Iman Esmaeil and Jöns, Klaus D and Fognini, Andreas and Reimer, Michael E and Zhang, Jiaxiang and Dalacu, Dan and Poole, Philip J and Ding, Fei and Zwiller, Val and others, Controlling the exciton energy of a nanowire quantum dot by strain fields, Applied Physics Letters, 108(18), 2016

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