epilogue. – 2022 Fourth Year exhibition

The Department of Fine Arts proudly presents epilogue., the 48th Annual Senior Undergraduate Exhibition featuring artwork by 4th year honours studio students completing the Fine Arts undergraduate degree program at the University of Waterloo.

There are many definitions for epilogue. For us however, epilogue is that it is the prologue of the future—meaning the end of one chapter, but a beginning of the next. This conclusion to our artistic exploration in university represents everything we have been working toward for the past four years. epilogue., our exhibition, showcases each one of our journeys– our own personal and creative journeys and artistic explorations. In some ways, epilogue. marks the end of an era here at the University of Waterloo, and in other ways it can be seen as a starting point of our new artistic journeys.

Santosh Chandrasekar Julijana Ciprić Krista (Kris) Daniels Maddie DavisRebekah Fisk Taylor Freiburger Grace Friesen Madison GrineauYuki He Natalie Rae Jeanson Hannah Latimer Zoë LehouxWen Li Raegan Little Alyssa Macdonald Manreet PablaOliver Pan Maggie Pekurar Miranda Schultz Xiaotong ShenJennifer Vallis Larissa Ward Sarah Wilkins Danielle Zhu

Courage is the stoutest root of art. ~ Annie Truitt

It is an understatement to say that 2022 was a big year. The work produced by the 24 thesis students reflects not only the turbulence, but also the radical hope needed for this time—their time. Themes of uncertainty, family, ancestors, identity, perceptions of self, memory, trauma, care, land development, community, and mental health direct us to an understanding that art begins at home: SELF, HEART, MIND. Reminded that all art is political and of its time, one cannot help but see the works in the exhibition as processing the world—this world—being in the moment, looking backwards and looking forward, toward the future.

The class chose to name the exhibition epilogue. Astute. Touching. Fitting. Optimistic. A bookend. Qualities that as their fourth-year teachers renew faith and instill pride. Most of the students are leaving the university, stepping into new communities, and undergoing new challenges. And as they part, they take their creativity, the parts of themselves that have been nurtured, tested and challenged, stretched and rewarded along their artistic journeys through the rooms, halls, virtual spaces, and the many faculty and staff that they have encountered.

The work in this exhibition was not easily won. There were many hurdles. We are grateful for the support of our strong technical team: Adam, Laura, Rick and Timothy. All of who provided the technical expertise and encouragement to make being back in person these past few weeks seem all the richer. The student-designed website and their many contributions on social media, and in-person, allowed them to galvanize as a community. We hope that you enjoy their successes as much as we do.

With warmth, Lois Andison & Tara Cooper