2022 Keith and Win Shantz International Research Scholarship lectureExport this event to calendar

Wednesday, October 19, 2022 — 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM EDT

The Fine Arts Department invites you to the annual Keith and Win Shantz International Research presentations. Each year, our graduate students spend six weeks studying with a professional artist, and it is the Shantz endowment that makes this possible. 

Everyone is welcome to attend the presentations by Brent Garbett, Christine De Vuono, Clara Laratta, Sarah Martin and Stephanie Florence on Wednesday October 19 from 12:00-1:30 pm in East Campus Hall room 1219

Brent Garbett

Artist's easle with blank canvas in front of a sandy beach with distant sunbathers.Travelled to Charleston, South Carolina to study with artist Brian Rego

“My first impression of Charleston when painting plein air was the intense heat and direct sunlight. I joked that the most important tube of colour I brought with me was Banana Boat white. Painting alongside Brian at some of his favourite spots and discussing the significance of other artists were the highlights of my trip. Understanding how he sees and breaks down the landscape was a transformative experience. What I’ve learned in Charleston has already carried forward into the work that I am making now. I’m incredibly grateful for Brian’s time and the opportunity the Shantz foundation has provided me.”

Christine De Vuono

Selfie of person with blue hair with six people behind, all with the same white fabric gathered around their waists.Her adventures began at Ox-Bow School of Art in Saugatuck, Michigan and ended in Prague, Czech Republic.

“I can’t wait to share with everyone what an amazing time I’ve had this summer — creatively, it was like drinking from a firehose. It began with Ox-Bow’s three week intensive learning about inflatable paint skins and ceramics. This image is of the inside of artist Claire Ashley’s inflatable “cow”, activated by us twelve participants. The artists I learned from here were Claire Ashley and Vincent Tiley (both teaching inflatable paint skins) and Ling Chun (teaching ceramics).

"After this was another three weeks with the amazing artists who make up Puppets in Prague. Under their guidance, we carved and assembled our own marionettes, then created and performed an original show at the Prague summer festival, Letní Letná. I hope to not only do their inspiration justice, but also convey my deep appreciation to the Shantz foundation for this opportunity.”

Clara Laratta

Misty view looking up at a rocky ravine with evergreens and several small waterfalls.Travelled to Edmonton, Alberta to work with artist Liz Ingram. While in Edmonton, Clara also assisted artists Bernd Hildebrandt and Lyndal Osborne.

“One of the best things about the trip was working with Liz. She is such an amazing person and artist. Another highlight of the trip was the time I spent surrounded by nature. My time at Obed Lake was an amazing experience. Obed is a special place and the basis for a lot of Liz’s work. I had the opportunity to visit several galleries and see new works in progress in different artists’ studios. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have met so many incredible artists and gallerists during my stay.”

Sarah Martin

The ocean, cliffs and rock arch at Falaise d'Amont in France.Travelled to Paris and Corsica, France to study with photographer Laura Stevens.

“One of the many highlights of this experience was our two week residency in Corsica, France where we stayed in a 13th century convent. This space was very inspiring and opened an opportunity for Laura and I to collaborate on making art. In Paris, the galleries were so beautiful and overwhelming, and I especially enjoyed the contemporary spaces like Jeu de Palme and Palais de Tokyo where I saw tons of new and exciting art. I am so grateful for my time in France and the incredible people I met during my stay.”

Stephanie Florence

Close-up of four people standing in a green-space with a red brick church behind them.  Three of the people wear white bee-keeping costumes.Travelled to Oslo, Norway to work with LOCUS (Tanja Thorjussen and Thale Blix Fastvold), and LATERNA (Marianne Skjeldal and Inger-Reidun Olsen).

"Have you ever had that feeling like you were meant to be somewhere and the people you met felt like long lost family members? My experience in Oslo was magic to me, as I felt more at home and connected to the land than I ever have on Turtle Island. During my time with Tanja and Thale, we contemplated colonialism, racism, and interspecies connection while considering feminism and historic female artists. Hilma's Hive was built to honour honey bees while remembering Hilma af Klint who produced spiritually motivated paintings. My second placement was with Marianne and IRo, where I supported the organization of the LATERNA Performance Festival: Hidden Ecologies - Visible Connections. As an assistant and intern to the festival, I ended up working with artists from all over the world and supporting them through many means which will influence and nourish my artwork for years to come."

ECH - East Campus Hall
Room 1219
200 University Ave West

Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1

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