FINE 243 / 343 topics in Fine Arts experiential learning

These courses enable Fine Arts students to gain valuable professional and work experience within an art-related environment. Collaboration between students and art institutions creates a unique learning opportunity that complements a student's program of study.

Download a sample FINE 243|343 course syllabus (PDF).

FINE 243|343 Questions and Answers

How do I register for 243/343?

To enroll in FINE 243 or 343 you must be a Fine Arts major in, at least, your 2A term.

Can I take 243 and 343 at the same time?

Yes it is possible to take 243 and 343 in the same term but they must be distinctly different internships. Both internships can be in the same location or institution but must be two distinct projects with different supervisors. There is a minimum of 36 hours of unpaid internship required work for each course/internship.

How should I introduce myself to a potential institution or supervisor?

Your letter/email of introduction should include:

  • Salutation should be formal: Dear Ms. | Mr.
  • Introduce yourself: name, program, course
  • Describe your specific interest – short or long term is OK
  • Thank them in advance for considering your request
  • Use formal closing signature: Sincerely
  • Leave preferred contact information

We also have sample letter in the course materials on the 243/343 LEARN site.

Is it possible to start an internship in one term and complete it in the next?

All 243/343 internships must be completed in the term that they are begun. There are no extensions.

How do I find an internship?

The Fine Arts Department has established formal relationships with a variety of regional art institutions and local artists who have agreed to act as supervisors in the program. Students are responsible for making initial contact with the institution or artist of their choice. Precise duties and scheduling of hours are agreed upon by the institution/artist and the student. (For a participating institutions and artists list see the FINE 243|343 course syllabus (PDF))

Is it possible to set up an internship with an institution that the department does not already have a formal agreement with?

It is possible to set up your own internship in an art-related field. If you have found a potential institution (gallery, museum, etc.) that you would like to work with let us know at least 3 weeks before the work agreement is due as it will have to be approved (not all employers are eligible). The internship employer should be made aware of the current syllabus and the employers guidelines (PDF) which are both available on the 243/343 LEARN website.

Can I arrange an internship outside of Ontario?

Sorry, it is not possible to arrange and internship outside of Ontario. As an intern in Ontario students are covered by the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act. The Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act offers protection to interns in the province of Ontario with regards to their health and safety while on the job. It is important for all employers to ensure a safe working environment for their employees, including interns.

Can I get paid for my internship?

Sorry no, an internship is a method of on-the-job training towards a professional career and the department intends the course to be unpaid work experience.

Can I use the internship as part of my 100 hours for Teaching Preparation Specialization?

Yes, for those students pursuing the Fine Arts Teaching Preparation Specialization, hours spent working in a teaching capacity in these courses can be counted toward the 100 hours of relevant work experience required for that program. Please note: Your internship must be directed towards education for it to count.

Can I internship with my mom, uncle, best friend, next door neighbour........?

Sorry no family or friends, the supervisor and agreement must be at Arm's Length (arm's length).