2021 Fourth Year exhibition - FLUX

Saturday, March 27, 2021

The Department of Fine Arts proudly presents FLUX 2021, the 47th Annual Senior Undergraduate Exhibition featuring artwork by fourth year honours studio students completing the Fine Arts undergraduate degree program at the University of Waterloo. This year's exhibition artwork, along with information about the artists, can be viewed on the FLUX website (www.uwflux.com) or on the Fine Arts Website.

Featuring artworks by: Neha Agarwala, Jessica Castillo-Romero, Sydney Clermont, Dana Ferguson, Lupita Guerrero, Gloria Ha, Elyse Heubner, Baz Kanold, Jackie Li, Kaitlyn Lopes, David Nguyen, Victoria Shi, Kate Short, Shannon Stehr, Diana Tran, Maxine Trepanier, Shelby Tse, Nishshanka Sithij Weerasinghe, Emily Wells, Katie Wiens. Please visit the Instagram page (@uwflux) to see updates and profiles of the artists.

This year, there is one word that unites us all: flux. To flux is to change and allow space to ebb and flow. This exhibition highlights emerging artists that have found a way to collaborate while in a time where we’re more separate than we’ve ever been.  

In a time when inspiration is difficult to find, these artists worked to reinvent the way they create.  To create from home is to find accessible ways to create, to fluctuate from our comfort zone, and to thrive. This exhibition will feature many materials, from soft sculptures, to painting, to digital works, proving that our limitations can sometimes lead to new and beautiful things.