Adam Glover receives a 2023 Arts Award for Excellence in Service.

Monday, September 18, 2023
Adam Glover

Congratulations to Adam Glover, Fine Arts Manager - Media and Studios, for receiving a 2023 Arts Award for Excellence in Service.

The Excellence in Service Award recognizes:

  • a specific, high-impact project or initiative, or impact that goes substantially beyond the usual standard of excellence that benefits the individual’s unit or peers, the Faculty of Arts, or the broader university community; and/or
  • an exceptional level of commitment and impact, sustained over a significant period of time.

Adam does a tremendous amount of work to keep things running smoothly in the Fine Arts building and even more over the last few years as he worked to provide access to resources during the COVID-19 shutdowns.  

We really do appreciate all your hard work, Adam, and we would be lost without you.