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Cora Cluett receives an Ontario Arts Council grant

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fine Arts Faculty member Cora Cluett has been awarded an Established Artist Grant from the Ontario Arts Council for the Research and Creation of new work.

Artwork by Cora Cluett titled Candy Dish 2017"This Ontario Arts Council award supports the research and creation of a new body of work. I use an analogue process in the creation of the images as this seems an appropriate medium in that it requires contact between the object and light sensitive material - each image made is subtly different and unique.  My photographs pose questions of beauty, the ephemeral nature of memory whilst hinting at the fragility of the body.

As a means of exploring these ideas, I have been using found crystal and pressed glassware to make photograms as these objects are typically viewed as being distinctly feminine, but more importantly, as representative of a particular generation of women.  The glassware, dishes and tea sets that I seek out and use to make my work remind me of my mother’s generation of women who coveted and used these items for special occasions. In particular, they were used for rites of passage such as bridal and baby showers or tea parties marking some familial or communal milestone. The glassware can spend a considerable amount of time sitting on thrift store shelves, and I began to take stock of how long a particular sugar bowl might sit on the shelf before it is marked down for quicker sale. For me they have become metaphors for the aging female body.  I interpret these delicate glass objects as being in a perpetual state of liminality, on the threshold between binary opposites such as; young/old, loss/birth, past/present, absence/presence." - Cora Cluett

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