Fine Arts Professors present artwork at the International Symposium on Electronic Art in Dubai

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Professors Jessica Thompson and Jane Tingley will be presenting interactive artworks at the International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2014 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The overarching theme of ISEA2014—Location— weaves local UAE tradition and history into the global context of new media science, art, and technology.

Jessica Thompson's artwork Triangulation DeviceJessica Thompson will present Triangulation Device, a participatory sound piece that generates improvised soundscapes using the movement of the body as a compositional device. The piece is performed simultaneously between two participants. Each participant is paired with a device, which transcodes its location to the other in real-time, generating sound through the body and creating atmospheric soundscapes that unfold and change in response to their movement and proximity. By broadcasting sound into space through collaborative noisemaking, the project facilitates new and novel forms of sonic interaction that investigate how mobile technologies affect our understanding of place, home and territory. Download the app from the website or from Google Play.

Jane Tingley's artwork Re-CollectJane Tingley will present Re-Collect, a responsive installation that uses sculptural objects, live recordings and playback, to draw attention to the visitors’ physical presence and movement within the installation space. The overall interactive experience is nuanced with light fluctuations and sound cues. Visitor triggers sounds recordings, ambient light fluctuations and an evolving sound composition that is played back through the sculptural elements when moving throughout the room. The playback consists of a mixture of live and past sound recordings that together reveal the recorded memory of past visitors and exhibition locations. The sonic and visual spatialization of sound and light amplify the viewing experience and direct attention to the viewer’s entanglement within the sculptural body and the fact that the space too carries with it a history.

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