Alyana Versolatto artwork titled She's a Lady, 2016, Photographic book (30 pages, edition of 3), 18" x 68".

Alyana Versolatto artwork She's a Lady, 2016, photographic book (30 pages, edition of 3), 18" x 68".

Fine Arts offers resources and equipment for digital and analogue photography. Our darkrooms are located in East Campus Hall (ECH) 1221. This facility provides students with the opportunity to learn analogue black and white film-based photographic processes.

Analogue equipment | Digital equipment | Printing costs | Borrowing

Analogue equipment:

  • Six enlargers for 35 mm film
  • One enlarger for medium format printing
  • Chemistry for black and white printing
  • Film processing equipment
  • Dry mount press
  • Large film drier
  • Hurricane film washer

Digital equipment:

In addition, East Campus Hall (ECH) 1101 has a Digital Lab that houses the following: 

  • Large format printer (Epson Stylus Pro 9890)
  • 3D scanner—MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner
  • Large scanner—Epson Expression 11000XL  

Printing costs:

The large format digital printer costs $5.00 per square foot if students supply paper and $6.50 per square foot for use of in-house paper. A print monitor assists each student. Hours are posted on the door of ECH 1209. Students pay for costs in the tool crib.     

Borrowing equipment:

Use of equipment is arranged through the tool crib or with the assistance of a faculty member. The following list outlines what the department offers. Use of equipment is reserved for students registered in fine arts classes.

  • 12 Canon Rebel T4i Digital Cameras
  • 2 Canon Rebel T3i Digital Cameras
  • 2 Canon Rebel T2i Digital Cameras
  • 10 Manfrotto tripods
  • EF 40 mm (f/4.5-5.6 STM) Pancake lens
  • EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Wide Angle lens
  • Tripod
  • 35mm cameras
  • One medium format cameras
  • 3 lighting kits with Photoflo bulbs