The Department of Fine Arts proudly presents FLUX 2021, the 47th Annual Senior Undergraduate Exhibition featuring artwork by fourth year honours studio students completing the Fine Arts undergraduate degree program at the University of Waterloo.

Neha Agarwala photo Jessica Castillo-Romero photo Sydney Clermont photo Dana Ferguson photo

Lupita Guerrero photo Gloria Ha photo Elyse Heubner photo Baz Kanold photo 

Jackie Li photo Kaitlyn Lopes photo David Nguyen photo Victoria Shi photo

Kate Short photo Shannon Stehr photo Diana Tran photo Maxine Trepanier photo

Shelby Tse photo Nishshanka Sithij Weerasinghe photo Emily Wells photo Katie Wiens photo

Life is unexpected. A statement that rings particularly true for this year’s graduating class. In these times of strife, we are often asked to rise to the occasion—and this class, without exception has done just that. They have embraced creativity in all its messy glory—a wide embrace that extended to their peers, offering support and encouragement from the get-go in September to the 11th hour and the launch of this online exhibition.

Flux presents artworks that demonstrate a fidelity of materials and processes alongside works that address identity, speculative world building, the ecological crisis, and the importance of community, family and self-care. This class has shown us that in the face of a global pandemic, they are unstoppable.

Limitations are not always negative—sometimes they provide the fuel for innovation as challenges arise. With facilities closed, these students improvised workspaces, methods and tools. Many carved out studio spaces in their homes—unfinished basements became impromptu studios, front yards became photography studios, the kitchen table a place to Zoom, and balconies a place for material exploration. This class learned to pivot in our new world, and they did it with goodwill and grace. 

As your fourth-year instructors, we would like to thank you for your ability to adapt and recalibrate. We acknowledge that it wasn’t always easy and it still isn’t. It has, however; been a privilege to walk with you on this uncharted path. Your resilience, collective compassion and ability to find hope has restored our faith—you are living proof that the steadfast power of a creative community can be a lifeboat where there is room for everyone. We wish you all the best as you embark on your next chapters. Please keep in touch. We miss you already.

with warmth,

Lois Andison & Tara Cooper