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Instagram: @artbybaz
Twitter: @artbybaz

Baz Kanold is a mixed media artist whose artwork is an investigation and celebration of queerness, sexuality, and the fluidity of gender identity. Their current project is focused around the concept of gender dysphoria, and the difficulties of having your mind and body being in opposition to one another. While they are a mixed media artist, there is a focus on oil painting, conté or pencil on paper, and digital drawing. Over the course of the pandemic, they have been exploring digital art more consistently and is the main medium for their Dysphoria series, which will be featured in the Flux Exhibition.

Artist Statement

Our lives are heavily dictated by binaries, especially in the realms of sexuality and gender. As someone who lives outside of these spectrums—a queer, non-binary person—most of my work reflects the push and pull of navigating the grey areas that exist between. This exploration often accumulates in pieces that are filled with contrasts that try to express the beauty and, more frequently, the loneliness of living in-between and outside of societal norms.  

This series focuses on one aspect of living in a trans body: gender dysphoria. To me, gender dysphoria is a form of aberration, a deviance, a glitch. The body and the mind war with each other using the body as a battleground. Gender dysphoria is, in itself, a contrast of connection and disassociation from parts of the body. Because of that, this series of digital paintings encapsulates contrast in several forms. The realistic and the abstract, the fragmented and the complete, the visible and invisible, and the new-age and the traditional all make appearances across these different pieces. 

Working in digital, I capture the concept of aberration and glitching in its truest form. These flickers of pixels and bars add a layer of confusion and uncertainty, a questioning of one’s self. These digital artworks each focus on specific parts disconnected from the whole, patchworked together with pieces that don’t seem to fit.