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Instagram: coffee.fuelled.creations

Dana Ferguson is a mixed media artist who explores themes of identity, memory, consciousness, and gratitude. Currently working with digital painting and combining it with unconventional materials to display her conceptual themes, she hopes viewers can find a piece of themselves in her work. With a major in Fine Arts and a Minor in English, Dana hopes to understand how individuals think and express themselves, and how that affects who they are. She is inspired by incredible professors at Waterloo, the beautiful and painful moments in her own life, music, and the art community. Dana seeks to physically represent her most abstract thoughts by attempting to always push the limits of the state of mind.

Artist Statement

After a year of isolation, we have been alone with our thoughts for what feels like an eternity. The flow of constant thoughts and feelings is one of the most beautiful, but also one of the most exhausting aspects of being alive. The things that we can feel, that allow us to find depths of darkness and sunbeams of happiness within our own head, shape who we are as people. Consciousness is, in a way, both a prison and an opportunity.

As humans, we give parts of our consciousness away to others when we love them and we let them in, and because we are social beings, we start to influence each other's behaviours. The fact that everyone is an accumulation of everyone they know, who are in turn made up of tiny pieces of the people they know and so on, allows me to understand how complex our personalities are. The fact that there are millions of directions your life could go in at any time makes me start to believe in what I call the opposite of fate. Nothing is meant to happen but so many beautiful things do happen due to coincidence. From those realizations, to the things you feel with your entire soul like love, regret, gratitude and heartbreak, I wanted to capture what it's like to be searching for what lies in the corners of your consciousness.

In my deepest thoughts, what's there? Do we as humans have an edge to the labyrinth that is our brains? How do intertwined lives and consciousnesses affect each other, and who would you be as a person if you would have followed a different path?

These are questions I have but don't necessarily want the answers to. I think these wonders are the closest thing we feel to magic, and I have had a wonderful time exploring them.