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Elyse Heubner is currently an undergraduate student studying at the University of Waterloo pursuing an Honours Arts Degree in Arts and Business, majoring in Fine Art and minoring in History. Her work focuses on the power of thought and particularly how that power, either positive or negative, can change self-image and self-perception. She spends her time meditating, working out, training for marathons, in nature, philosophizing about life and the deeper connections of the world. After graduation, she has plans on pursuing a career in either education or art therapy. 

Artist Statement

This work is meant to convey my spiritual and personal growth throughout this past year. Needless to say, this year has been extremely hard. Not only have I felt overwhelming empathy for the world but I personally feel like the word ‘solitude’ has gotten a new meaning. However, with every situation there is always a positive to be found. Over the last year I have grown, just like so many others, and I have been able to take the much-needed time to reconnect to my center.

This series expresses this ‘reconnection' to my inner world by following my intuitive curiosity. I have found a new way to push my creative boundaries and connect to what gives me energy and joy, and allows me to enter the flow state. The mixed media abstract painting, The Things I Love About Life captures a sort of dream-like state about the chaotic peace and innate beauty I see within nature. Personally, being out in nature is my church, and I find that reconnecting to this overwhelmingly accessible aspect of life is vital for my well being. On the other hand, My Spheres, demonstrates the different realms which I experience and how each one is a phase that shifts (like the cycles of the moon).

Throughout my life, I have come to believe that all rivers lead to the same ocean. We are all from the same place, and no matter the person, we are all connected. I wanted my art to convey this area of my life because it is something that I ponder quite often. In the words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." I want my art to capture this delicate connection by emphasizing the power of reconnecting to our families, friends, nature, and our personal solitude.