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Emily Wells is in her final year as a Fine Arts major in the Honours Arts and Business program at the University of Waterloo. Through this program she has had the opportunity to explore, expand, and pursue her passion as a creative individual. This has also allowed her to experience numerous opportunities and extracurriculars such as helping her mom run a pizza shop and playing in a soccer league. Her passions include: watching movies, hanging out with friends, exploring new restaurants, and playing soccer. Her kind heart, determination, and willingness to help is evident throughout the work she creates. Currently, her life is split between living in Hamilton and Waterloo, Ontario, giving her plenty of space to create new pieces. 

Artist Statement

Just like almost everyone else in the world, COVID has had a big impact on my life. Struggling with my mental health and being isolated had me stuck when trying to create new pieces and thinking outside the box. Because I was at home stuck in my room, I wasn’t able to get inspiration for new pieces. I decided to buy a paint by number package online so that I would still be painting and hopefully give me a nudge or inspiration on what to create next. Little did I know that it would actually work, and I would be able to create my own version of a paint by number.

These paintings are a more simplified way of doing a paint by number. They focus on the simplistic beauty a view can have but with a big story behind it as well. Instead of connecting a number with a colour of paint, I decided to make legends of what I was feeling in the moments of taking these pictures, but also what I am feeling now after looking at the pictures again. These two paintings reminded me that there is inspiration all around us and that I just need to keep my mind open.