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Instagram: @glo_dwgw (Art account) @glo_ha_3 (Personal account)
Discord: GLO#0131

Gloria Eungyeol Ha is a Korean-Canadian contemporary painter and photographer based in Toronto. As an immigrant born in Korea and raised in New Brunswick significantly influenced her to study the personal identity, and interaction of human and outer world based on her own ideology. Ha's current art practice investigates confliction and interaction of contradictory concepts, that she had faced, for coexistences such as ideality and reality, dream and duty, and legal and illegal. she presents her serious investigation in satire and humorous format and attempts to communicate with viewers by adopting mass cultural components to show her unique way to deal with. She mostly works with mixed media focused on acrylic, oil, digital, pen, carve, and collage in diverse styles; characteristics of emphasizing the texture and colors.

Artist Statement

Living life involves making numerous choices, without knowing the answer, in the middle of confusion, complication, and ambiguity. Throughout our whole life of facing choices, we all experience ambivalence as being self-subjective.

The Ambivalence Series represents the exploration of ambivalent conflict through personal and social perspectives, which started at the personal time point to making choices. Incompatibility conflicts between ideality and reality and immaturity and maturity inside of me are the inevitable essence of life struggle which generates emotional complexity. The process of making the Ambivalence Series involved accepting the existence of ambivalent conflict itself inside of me, or society, rather than solve or fight it and dealing with my emotions with a cynical and critical perspective. The life struggle of ambivalence is represented by unrealistic scenery, which is composed of the incompatible and unrelated combination of elements from the real-world elements in the form of satire and symbolism. The adoption of real-world components is the interaction between the private ambivalent experience — which only exists in memory — and the real world.

Moon the Yellow Circle, and Coin the Yellow Circle

These two continuous works demonstrate the personal ambivalence between ideality and reality. Generated emotional complexity such as anxiety, frustration, anger, and sorrow, are narrated through the situating composition based on universal events. The Coin and Moon were created by capturing features of ambivalence such as contrast and difference. This inspired me to create contrasting textural effects, such as dented and protruded surfaces, by carving and squeezing paint. The diversity of painting styles, such as figurative painting and pop art with a doodle effect, add one spoon of humor or self-satire into the serious subject matter.

Never Grow Up

The character pop artwork demonstrates the personal ambivalence by an internal struggle between child-self and adult-self or immature-self and demands of maturity.  Discomfort and the unharmonious mood are generated by mixing child-content, such as Peter Pan, which symbolizes innocent childhood, with the adult permitted content, purity and horror. The degenerated Peter Pan satirizes us losing the child part of our mind.

The Gap

The Gap reflects social ambivalence within a subjective perspective. This is the extension of personal ambivalence to satirize social or legal standards for food that are barely within legal parameters. The familiar logos on the metaphorical object match properties which demonstrate ambivalence about the legal standard and social perception.