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Maxine Trepanier is a resourceful and motivated artist with four years of 2D and 3D education in traditional art techniques and digital media from the University of Waterloo. These skills have allowed her to become a result-oriented illustrator, meaning she finds great satisfaction from being proficient at producing manual and computer designs, especially when gaining feedback from fellow artists. Maxine often combines oils and acrylics to produce custom images and designs. She establishes harmonious visual paths to create the mood of a piece based on the environments and personalities surrounding her. She is a creator concentrated on generating and cultivating a sought-after trademark in the visual arts arena through a unique individual aesthetic.

Artist Statement

The concept portrayed through my body of work is the Seven Deadly Sins, which are different from the Ten Commandments. The Seven Deadly Sins were formerly based on eight critical vices. The list of these vices was formed by the secretive Evagrius Ponticus back in the late fourth century. His work then sparked the fire for the monk and ascetic John Cassian to begin his writings. However, it was in the sixth century that Pope Gregory revised Cassian’s list to contain: pride, lust, gluttony, greed, envy, sloth, and anger. This newly formed list was then known as the seven deadly, or cardinal, sins of Roman Catholic theology.

I decided to pursue this topic because of how close it is to me, coming from an extremely Catholic family. It is especially interesting since I do not practice religion on my own, while being a part of my religious family.