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Instagram: @agarwalaneha_

Born in India, Neha Agarwala is a student immigrant pursuing a B.A. in Honours Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo, Canada. She specializes in oil paint portraits of those close to her. Employing techniques often associated with Caravaggio (chiaroscuro and metaphor), the images found in her work are embedded with symbolism, in reference to the sitters’ character traits, as seen through Agarwala’s eyes.

Artist Statement

I use painting as a means of putting an individual on a canvas. Perspective is an important aspect when it comes to the very being of a person. Everyone has a different image of each person they have met in their mind. It might be close to who the person actually is/was, or it might be something completely opposite. I use the image of these someones, seen from my perspective, and put it on a canvas using oil paints.

Someone is a series of oil paintings of my friends and family. Using multiple reference pictures of objects, landscapes and people, I combine them to make a final piece depicting my viewpoint of the person. I use whatever brief passing thought I have of the person at the very beginning of creating the piece and put it on the canvas to the best of my ability. By using well thought out lighting, poses and clothing, I try to capture the essence of the someone, creating a timeless piece dedicated entirely to the individual.