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Nishshanka Weerasinghe, is a Sri-Lankan digital artist expecting a Bachelor of Arts later this spring from the University of Waterloo. Nishshanka made the transition to digital arts five years ago, and has set a goal to polish his work until it meets his preconceived company standards. However, this has been somewhat of a catch 22 situation where self-doubt propels him to practice with no ends in sight. Ultimately, he does not mind having this mindset if it provides motivation to improve. After graduation, he plans to enter the video game industry as a concept artist focusing on character designs and landscapes. 

Artist Statement

Many find fulfillment, a long-awaited goal, to be deeply gratifying, making the pursuit worth-the-effort. Within these tiny yet blissful moments, the individual feels an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

The short animation titled Serenity, intends to capture the calm satisfaction attached to the sense of accomplishment. The salt flat landscape features a thin layer of water which mimics the movement of over-hanging clouds. The still visuals of the second work illustrate the view of a wide motionless lake, partially obstructed by the terrain filled with densely packed plant matter in the foreground. In the horizon lies a row of mountains resting beneath the colorful evening sky. The free-flowing clouds combined with humming, and soothing sounds of nature illustrates the tranquil state of mind during such viewing experiences.

To describe the process, the artwork was crafted with careful attention to the placement of its layers using the PaintTool SAI drawing software. These layers are then imported to After Effects to generate the desired motion, and exported to be later edited in Premiere Pro. Here, I introduced personally recorded audio with the intention of enhancing the animation. The short animation lays on a 1400x700 pixel canvas, and is intended to be viewed on a monitor.