Teaching preparation specialization

Student with and easel, draws their reflection in front of a washroom mirror.

Student drawing a self portrait in front of a mirror.

The Fine Arts – Teaching Preparation Specialization is excellent preparation for students who wish to pursue a teaching career in Fine Arts. The specialization is open to students who have declared Honours Fine Arts - Studio as their major.


Students wishing to pursue the Fine Arts – Teaching Preparation Specialization must successfully fulfill the following requirements:

  • at least 10 academic course units (normally 20 courses) with a minimum cumulative average of 60%, of which no fewer than 6 units (normally 12 courses) must be in Fine Arts;
  • PSYCH 101/PSYCH1 01R; PSYCH 212/PSYCH 212R (Educational Psychology)
  • SOC 101 /SOC 101R; SOC 207/SOC 207R  (Educational Sociology)
  • completion of a total of 100 hours of relevant volunteer or paid experience under the supervision of qualified professionals, of which 50 hours must be in the classroom setting

We strongly recommend that students complete the PSYCH and SOC courses in the first 2 years of their academic plan as the scheduled times of these courses may conflict with upper year course times.

It is recommended that students pursuing the Fine Arts –Teaching Preparation Specialization also complete:

Students who graduate from the University of Waterloo with the Fine Arts – Teaching Preparation Specialization are eligible to pursue a Bachelor of Education at Nipissing University in either the Junior/Intermediate or Intermediate/Senior divisions.

Additional information

Guidelines for the 100 hours of volunteer or paid experience

Possible types of experience include: docents in galleries and museums; teaching weekend and summer art programs; working with people with disabilities; etc. If you are unsure whether your experience qualifies, please contact Brett Roberts, the Fine Arts Undergraduate Administrative Assistant. Successful completion of the 100 hours of relevant volunteer or paid experience will be determined by a letter stating fulfillment of the requirement, written by the qualified professional and addressed to the Fine Arts Associate Chair, Undergraduate. The successful completion of this requirement will appear as a milestone on your academic transcript.

Notes regarding recommendation of FINE 243/343

These experiential learning courses are 0.25 unit credit/no credit courses. Options available to students enrolled in these courses include volunteer work at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, as well as other institutions and groups engaged in visual culture in the K-W region. These courses align with (and may constitute part of) the 100 hours of relevant volunteer or paid experience. FINE 243/343 are recommended, rather than required, as the Department of Fine Arts does not wish to have these courses take the place of regular academic studio and visual culture courses for the specialization.

Notes about the relationship with Nipissing University

  1. Ten spaces are reserved annually for University of Waterloo Fine Arts students wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Education at Nipissing University.
  2. Students enrolled in the Fine Arts – Teaching Preparation Specialization are required to apply to Nipissing University through the Ontario Universities Application Centre – Teacher Education Application Service.
  3. Contact Nipissing University for specific details regarding certification.