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Duplicate or replacement diploma

Request for Duplicate or Replacement Diploma Form (pdf)

Use this form if you are requesting a:

  • Replacement diploma
    Original diplomas are replaced in the event that they have been lost, damaged, or destroyed. As a University diploma is a legal document, replacement of the original document requires that a Statutory Declaration be witnessed before a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths (if the original is not submitted with the request). There are several notaries and commissioners on campus who are available to assist you.
  • Duplicate diploma(s)
    Duplicate diplomas are identical to replacement diplomas, with the exception of the word "duplicate" which appears at the bottom of the document. You may order as many duplicate diplomas as you require. A statutory declaration (located on the second page of the request for duplicate/replacement form) is not required for duplicate diploma orders.
    • Gender-neutral degree nomenclature (Baccalaureate, Magisteriate): Graduates who have previously been awarded a UWaterloo degree may request that their degree be re-issued in the gender-neutral nomenclature.
      • Note: The gender-neutral term (Baccalaureate, Magisteriate) will only appear on your diploma. Transcripts and any degree verification will only refer to the traditional nomenclature (Bachelor, Master). This terminology discrepancy between documents may result in border-crossing issues.

Include the $20.00 per diploma processing fee. A $10.00 mailing charge applies to Master's and PhD diplomas only.

Duplicate or replacement diplomas may be ordered using the duplicate or replacement diploma form (pdf). Diplomas are produced in the current 15.5" X 10.5" size. Diplomas issued prior to 2011 were issued in a different size and that size cannot be replicated.

Visit our about undergraduate studies forms web page for submission and payment options.