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Our department specializes in the study of language, applied linguistics, literature, and film and visual culture.  We have active graduate and undergraduate programs in German, and we also offer courses in Croatian, Dutch, and Russian, as well as interdisciplinary opportunities like a minor in Cultural Identities.

  1. Aug. 6, 2021Featured Course of the Week: Performance German (GER 250/350)
    Performance German course poster

    GER 250/350 German Performance improves students' oral and written skills via creative performances in our everyday life. Students will be actively involved in marketing products, conducting job interviews, writing résumés, improvising theatre skits, hosting poetry slams, or even instructing yoga - all in German.

    If you have taken GER 101 or GER 102, please enroll in GER 250.
    If you have taken GER 201 or any other higher level German language course or have 4U German, please enroll in GER 350.

    Fall 2021 on-campus
    Monday and Wednesday 5:30pm to 6:50pm

    Instructor: PAD exchange lecturer from Germany

    For more information about this course, read our interview with the German Performance course developer and instructor Prof. Kuzniar.

  2. July 27, 2021Featured Course of the Week: Infamous Lovers (GER 330)
    Picture of Tristan and Isolde

    GER 330 is a new course exploring the concept of requited, passionate, erotic, transgressive love as it changes over time. We use a masterpiece of world literature, Tristan and Isolde, as a touchstone for interpreting more recent works from German-speaking lands. Taking this course will give students deeper insight into contemporary, often conflicting understandings of love.

    Online. Taught in English. No prerequisites.

    Instructor: Prof. Ann Marie Rasmussen.

    For more information about this new course, read our interview with the course instructor.

  3. July 14, 2021Germanic & Slavic Studies: Fall 2021 course offerings

    The Department of Germanic & Slavic Studies will be offering a mix of online, remote and on-campus courses in Fall 2021.

    How about...?

    GER 330 - Infamous Lovers  taught in English by Prof. Ann Marie Rasmussen (online)

    GER 101 - Elementary German 1 (or GER 102, or GER 201, GER 202, GER 331 with prior knowledge of German)

    GER 250 / GER 350 - Performance German (on-campus)

    DUTCH 101 - Elementary Dutch 1 (or DUTCH 102 with prior knowledge of Dutch)

    CROAT 101 - Elementary Croatian 1

    RUSS 101 - Elementary Russian 1

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