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Monday, November 27, 2017

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GER 200: Transcultural Studies
This course provides an introduction to transcultural views of literature, film, language, and literature and media culture. The course focus is on storyworlds, defined as an ever expanding and changing fictional realm in which stories are adapted and agglomerate over time in different media, cultures, and languages around a set of well-known and familiar central events, characters, images, and themes. One example of a storyworld is the King Arthur tradition, whose stories have been going strong for a thousand years. Students will focus their inquiry on a storyworld of their choice within a transcultural context. Taught by Prof. Ann Marie Rasmussen in English language.
This course counts towards the new Minor in Cultural Identities (pending approval). No prerequisites.
Time and Place: 10:00-11:20 TTh in ML 117

GER 262 / REES 262 / ENGL 220B: Languages and Society II 
Multilingualism is the norm, not the exception: We all use different languages, styles, and accents. You will learn to see language as a social construct and to identify different types (individual, educational, societal) and views of multilingualism (language ideologies). Topics include language contact, endangered languages, language and identities. Taught by Prof. Emma Betz from Germanic and Slavic Studies in English language.
No prerequisites, no need to take Languages and Society I.
Time and Place: 10:30-11:20 MWF in ML 117

GER 363 / FINE 363: German Filmmakers in Hollywood 
What's more American than Hollywood? But many of its greatest movies were made by immigrants. Learn how German directors F.W. Murnau, Fritz Lang, Douglas Sirk, Werner Herzog, and others changed American film. Taught by Prof. James Skidmore from Germanic and Slavic Studies in English language.
Course website
Time and Place: 6:30-8:20 T in ECH 1220 and 2:30-4:20 Th in ML 354

GER 212: Integrative Language Seminar II
Join Prof. Michael Boehringer to develop competence in German reading and writing, oral skills - and intercultural competence as well!
No need to take Integrative Language Seminar I.
Pre-requisite: GER 201 or 4U German.
Time and Place: 11:30-12:50 MW in ML 109

GER 303 online: Interactive German Language and Culture
Develop German language skills and cultural awareness. Meet Canadian peers and German students in Mannheim. Discuss topics such as Heimat, nation, migration, and study abroad through interviews, videos and texts.
In cooperation with University of Mannheim/Germany. This is an online course taught by Prof. Grit Liebscher from Germanic & Slavic Studies.
Pre-requisite: GER 202, GER 211, or GER 212.

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