David Johnston International Student Entrance Scholarship

Award type: 
Entrance awards
Award description: 

The David Johnston International Experience Awards will pay lasting tribute to David’s unparalleled leadership as president of the University of Waterloo. These awards will celebrate his exemplary service to Canada, and will honour his commitment to promoting a better understanding among peoples of all nations.

This fund was made possible by generous donations from many individuals and corporations who wished to honour David Johnston for his remarkable achievements during his 11-year term as president of the University of Waterloo.

Value description: 

The value of each scholarship will be $5,000.

Eligibility & selection criteria: 
  • These scholarships are open to all incoming international undergraduate and graduate students admitted into the first year of their program in any Faculty at Waterloo, with priority given to students enrolling in thesis-based programs
  • Only international students who are assessed international student tuition fees will be eligible.
  • International students admitted with an admission average of 80% or above will be considered.
  • Normally, students who are receiving major financial support (ie. in excess of $7,000 per year for undergraduates or $20,000 for graduate students, not including IMSA and IDSA funding) will not be eligible for this scholarship
Masters, Doctoral
Open to any program
International/study permit student
Selection process: 
Student selected automatically by Faculty/Department
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