To: Graduate students

From: Ian Milligan, AVP, Research Oversight & Analysis

Alison Hitchens, Associate University Librarian

Subject: Research data management survey

Dear Graduate Student,

You are invited to share your experiences managing your research data in a 10-minute survey sponsored by the University of Waterloo Office of Research and the Research Data Management Institutional Strategy Working Group.

We are interested in the full spectrum of research, scholarly, and creative practices at the University of Waterloo involving the licensing, use, collection, and generation of data in all forms, including digital and analogue, qualitative and quantitative data.

Your participation will inform the University’s forthcoming research data management strategy, to be established by March 2023. Participation in this survey is voluntary. 

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Please submit your response by January 28, 2022.

With thanks. 

Ian Milligan and Alison Hitchens (co-chairs), Research Data Management Institutional Strategy Working Group

Sponsored by Charmaine Dean, vice-president, research and international
Beth Namachchivaya, university librarian, 
and Bruce Campbell, chief information officer

If you are interested in being contacted to set up a 30-minute interview about your data practices and needs, please contact Nichola Harrilall

Further Details

You may have read in the UW Daily Bulletin of 19 October that the University will be developing and launching a research data management strategy by March 2023.

A key part of developing the strategy is to identify the gaps between current research data management practices and resources at Waterloo and an ideal future state of research data management. We would like to understand your experience, observations, and perspective on the university's current support for managing research data, and on future opportunities to meet the evolving data management needs of researchers at the university.

The survey is designed to take about 10 minutes to complete, but may take longer if you wish to provide detailed responses. Your responses to this survey will inform the University’s strategy to make data management easier and more seamless for its researchers and research communities.  

If you have any questions about this research or the research data management strategy, please contact Nichola Harrilall


Privacy Notice

This survey was developed by Athenaeum21 Consulting (based in the US and UK) in collaboration with the University of Waterloo and collects data about researcher practices and needs. This survey is administered by the University of Waterloo and uses a third-party software from a company in the United States to collect responses, which means information collected in the survey will be accessible to individuals outside of Canada. More about where that company’s servers reside can be found in their Data Processing Agreement. More about their privacy policies and practices can be found here and here.

Athenaeum21 Consulting and the University of Waterloo Research Data Management Strategy Working Group will analyze the data and will ensure that your responses remain confidential. Only aggregated data will be reported, ensuring no individuals will be identified. The survey, however, does contain optional open-ended questions, the answers to which may be reported word-for-word (verbatim), including any personally-identifiable information that you choose to share. 

By submitting your responses to this survey, you acknowledge that your information will be collected, used and shared, as described above. You acknowledge that any sensitive personal information you voluntarily provide in response to optional questions will be handled in accordance with this Privacy Notice. You acknowledge that after you submit your responses to the survey, you cannot withdraw your consent to participate in the survey, unless you provide personally-identifiable responses to assist the survey administrators in locating and deleting your survey responses.

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