Brian Forrest - Pure Mathematics

Dr. Brian Forrest’s impressive record of graduate student supervision includes 18 master’s students, 10 doctoral students and 11 postdoctoral fellows - an outstanding record in a theoretical area such as Pure Mathematics. Dr. Forrest’s students have gone on to either successful careers in academia or have applied their training to rewarding careers in other professions. Dr. Forrest also has an outstanding teaching record. He is a winner of the University of Waterloo Distinguished Teaching Award and has won several national teaching awards, including the Canadian Mathematical Society Excellence in Teaching Award. Dr. Forrest was the creator and first director of the Master of Mathematics for Teachers program and over the last number of years, has been the Mathematics Faculty Teaching Fellow.

Letters of support from past and present students emphasize Dr. Forrest’s multifaceted approach to supervision, which includes guiding, training and mentoring in all aspects of research and teaching. Students praise his terrific research supervision, eagerness to discuss pedagogy and ways of improving his teaching, uncanny skills for motivating people, and ability to be friendly, kind, unpretentious and endlessly generous with his many years of wisdom in teaching and research. Several letters of support were presented by female doctoral students from the Pure Mathematics department. They emphasize Dr. Forrest’s understanding of the extra challenges that women in mathematics face and his strong support and encouragement. The culture of co-operation that Dr. Forrest fosters among his students is a long-lasting value that continues post-graduation. As one of his former students remarks “I am proud to be a member of his extended mathematical family.”

Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision winners