Kenneth Davidsion - Pure Mathematics

Prof. Davidson puts an incredible amount of effort and care into graduate supervision.  One colleague stated “The results of his efforts are simply amazing.  Ken achieved these outstanding results with students who required very different levels and very different modes of supervision and mentoring. 

Ken’s skill and wisdom in recognizing these needs of students and adjusting his supervisory modes have been outstanding.”  Another colleague, when referring to the letters received in support from students and postdocs, mentions “I am struck by the passion that so many of them exhibit in describing the immense impact that Ken has had not only on their academic lives but also on shaping the way they approach their own careers after leaving Waterloo.”  Former graduate students emphasized the value of their regular meetings with Professor Davidson and how committed he was to holding these meetings. Many former students said, in addition to all other duties, Professor Davidson “…kept up these meetings throughout my entire studies.”

Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision winners